Terms of Service


KeepImg is a free service that lets you host/upload images to share with yours colleagues. To use this service without any hassle, you must follow the following terms and conditions listed below.

Terms & Conditions of Use

- If someone else might own the copyright to an image, don't upload it.

- We do not own the copyright to uploaded images, all images hosted here are copyrighted to the original owner.

- Don't upload images that contain sexual, racial intolerance, blasphemous or harassment related content.

- Any other images that might be considered illegal.

- If you see anything on KeepImg that violates our policies or if you're the owner of content that has been uploaded here, please let us know using contact form.

- All images will be checked by our staff and images that violate our TOS will be removed without any warning and the uploader of such images might get banned.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without any notice.